About Us

Shri Sai himself explained the importance of Charity in the 14th chapter of Shri Sai Satcharitra. The meaning of explanation stated in the chapter is that, “Charity accepted by Shri Saibaba means devotees mind purity and ruin their sin ’’.

In the sentence in Vedas “Ydnen Danen Tapasa “ the significance of Charity based on religious efforts is explained to the curious Sadhak. Baba asked for Charity to relieve the common devotee from the pit of temptation and to safeguard the interest of him. Various donations are explained in the Upanishad.  Baba told His devotees “What ever to be given should be given faithfully. Faithless donation is fruitless. Others would keep contact so far you have money. So save the money sufficient for wants, but don’t be tempted.” This preaching about common behavior is for the well being of Sai devotees. It is the advice that, “ Show the pity, Give the Charity, control yourself & you will be happy.” In this way Baba advised common people through Charity. It is explained in Saileela, that “Yadna ”  is not possible without money. So the  Donor gets major share in the religious fruit of “Yadna”. 

Devotees gave donation to Baba and Baba used it to purchase oil for lamps and tobacco for His Chillim. Tempted devotee’s mind began to be purified by giving donations. Tradition is continued till today. Today, Saibaba Sansthan Trust receives lacs of rupees in the form of donation from the devotees and the funds in  balance are increasing day by day. 

One can read Baba’s preaching about donation in the 14th chapter of Sai Satcharitra. In persuasion of that philosophy, the Sansthan Trust accepts donation for various purpose. 

The amount of donation is used for the daily administration of the Trust to fulfill the requirements like accommodation, food etc. of the pilgrims, to supply the medical services to the poor & needy. 

These donations are accepted in the form of cash (Indian as well as foreign currencies) money orders, Postal orders,ATM,Net Banking Services, all debit/credit cards through payment gateway of HDFC Bank and Axis Bank,Crossed and A/c Payee Cheques or Demand Drafts, and also in the form of kind donations i.e. article and commodities.