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Today's Story

The sweet nicknames Baba give to the beloved devotees

Very few chosen people had the fortune to join the court of Sri Sai. Devotees who had lived in his service for their entire life were thus blessed and Sri Sai made them eternal. Baba, who lovingly called Mahalsapathi as

„Bhakta?, Madhava Rao Deshpande as „Shyama? also used to call the one cleaning the place where he would sit every day in the Masjid - Abdullah as

„Kaki?, with all affection. Anna Saheb Dabholkar was even more fortunate. Because he received from Baba a great title „Hemad Panth? as the prasada.

This was the slight variation of the name Hemadri Panth. To the Devagiri Kings of the Yadava dynasty, Hemadri Panth was the prime minister.

He was a great scholar. He had authored great books like „Chaturvarga Chintamani? and „Raja Prasastha?. The virtuous Hemadri Panth invented the modi language. He was a great intellectual who contributed to the knowledge of mathematics by making new theories.

Dabholkar was not able to understand as to why Baba had christened such a noble person?s name to him. He wasn?t a scholar like Hemadri Panth. On the contrary he had completely negative qualities of Hemadri Panth.

Then why does Baba give such name? By thinking… he understood that Baba named him so in order to suppress his arrogance. He assumed that it was Baba?s desire that he ever move with humility and humbleness.

It is known to one and all that during the course of time the name

„Hemad Panth? became very famous and remained forever. He not only penned down the legend of the noble story of Sri Sai but also managed and ran Sri Sai samsthan with competence and gave to us as a great gift. Through the legend of Sri Sai (Sai Satcharitra) Sri Sai offered mankind the several paths of salvation like devotion, knowledge, lack of desire, self- surrender and self-realization.

Sri Sainathaya Namah.

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