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Today's Story

The merciful father who saved the child

Even though we are thousand miles far away and facing troubles, if we call „Sai..!? he would answer „yes?. People think that Sai is in a physical from but the merciful God can understand whatever is happening in a distant place.

That was the year 1910. They were the day before Deepavali. Baba sat before Dhuni and keeping sticks into it. The Dhuni was glowing with great fire. Suddenly Baba kept his hinds into that fire. By the heat of the fire his hand was burnt. Shyama, who sat next to Baba, pulled Baba back by the hand.

“God! Why this? Why did you burn your hand?” Shyama worriedly


“One of my devotees appealed me to save her son. For that reason, I put my hand against that child and protected him who was about to fall into the fire. It doesn?t matter if my hand is burn. The child is safe” Baba replied.

Baba told the gathered devotees even more thus.

“There lives an ironsmith in a village. He was ill. His wife kept her kid in the lap and sitting before the furnace was pressing the air bags. In the meanwhile, her husband, who was suffering from cough, asked for some water. She got up to attend the service of husband, forgetting that the kid was in the lap. The innocent kid had fallen in the fire. Out of fear she cried

„Sai?. That was the story.” Baba completed his narration.

It was not logs that Baba burns in the Dhuni. He burns all our sins and troubles! Destiny had it that the kid must fall into fire. But, when the mother prayed to help her will Baba remain silent! He won?t? Therefore I have shouldered his Karma and burnt to my fingers. Sri Sai is such a merciful father.

Sri Sainathaya Namah.

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