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The miracle of Samadhi Mandir construction!

Sri Sai would never speak out about the actions he would perform next. He creates an atmosphere according to the time and situation and then vaguely hints about that intention. The construction of Samadhi Mandir was an example for it.

Bapu Saheb Butty of Nagpur was a billionaire. He had great devotion on Baba. Therefore he used to live in Shirdi with his entire family. He had a thought of constructing a building in the premises of Masjid. One day when Butty was sleeping in Deekshit wada Baba had appeared in his dream and asked to construct a wada along with Mandir. When Butty got up and looked around he saw Shyama, sleeping next and weeping amidst cries. On enquiring Shyama answered that Baba had asked him to construct a Mandir and that tears oozed out by emotion with the euphonic word of Baba. They were surprised as they both had the same dream.

Butty, who was born rich had gone forward to begin the construction of Mandir. With the help of Shyama he prepared the blue print and showed it to Baba, to which the latter had consented. In the supervision of Shyama the construction work would go fast. Baba used to give advice and suggestions for change while going and coming back from Lendi Garden on walk.

During the course of time Butty had anther thought. He wished to construct a spacious Mandir with alcoves around and to install the idol of Muralidhara (Lord Sri Krishna).

“Once the Mandir construction work is completed I will live there. We all live there” Baba encouraged Butty with words. The day in the middle of wada (stone building) the construction work of Mandir started. They made arrangements to prepare the idol of Lord Sri Krishna.

Before the making of the idol a miracle took place. Baba was ill with high fever. Baba was about to leave his physical body. Butty was in deep sadness. If Baba enters Samadhi, he was worried, as his stone building will become holy without being blessed by the touch of Baba?s feet. Just before

Sri Sainathaya Namah.

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