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Today's Story

Shirdi is our Pandaripuram!

Baba loves devotees without ever even expecting anything in return from them. Baba would understand whatever is happening at every place by not even moving from his place and by his eyesight.

Nana Saheb Chandorkar was one of the important persons in the group of Baba devotees. Nana, who used to work as a Mamaltadar, was transferred once from Nandurbar to Pandaripuram. Nana?s joy knows no bounds. Pandaripuram was like the vykuntam – heaven on earth. The presiding deity there was Lord Vittal. What is fortune otherwise than working there? Moreover, for Nana Baba is the Vittal! Hence he wanted to have the darshan of Sainatha first and then to join the job and therefore came to Shirdi with his entire family. Since he had no time he didn?t inform about his arrival in Shirdi to any one.

When Nana came to Neemgoan, which is three-kilometer distance away from Shirdi there was commotion in the Masjid there. Baba spoke with the people there like Mahalsapathi, Appa shinde and Kasi Ram “the doors of Pandaripuram were open. Let us all joyously sing and dance. Get up”.

Baba began to sing a tune. It was the song, which would mean, “I need to go to Pandaripuram. I must stay there. It was my abode of God”.

All others joined in chorus and began beating drums. In a short while after

Nana came there with his entire family. Nana appealed to Baba “I am transferred to Pandaripuram. You must come and stay there.”

The devotees there interrupted and explained to Nana – “Baba just before expressed the wish of going to Pandaripuram and staying there.” Nana remembered Baba?s great power of omniscience and prostrated at the feet of Baba. Nana went to Pandaripuram by receiving the blessings of Baba.

Sri Sainathaya Namah.

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