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Better to starve than enjoying royal life!

In Shirdi Sri Sai Baba used to live in an old Masjid. His attire was very odd. He used to grow a long hair in his youth. His dressing was like a wrestler.

Shirdi is well know for its wrestling. People there used to wrestle. A man by name Mohiuddin Tamboli was very famous and expert in wrestling. One time Tamboli fought with Baba. Both wrestled. Baba lost in it. Since then Baba completely changed his dress and appearance. He even changed his dressing style.

He used to tighten a long cloth around the waist and wear a large shirt (Kafni). He would wear a turban for the head. He sits on a piece of gunny bag. He was very happy in his torn clothes. He would say that it is better to starve than enjoy royal life. He would mix and live happily with all. He answers only on asking something mostly he spends his time under shade of neem or some times underneath a babul tree at the far end of the village.

In those days Sri Sai used to often visit a devotee called Trayambak G. Dongle. With the blessings of Baba Dongle?s brother had the gift of children.

Since then the fame of Baba spread on all directions. By day time all devotees used to live around Baba.

Baba used to sleep in the old, abandoned Masjid. Clay Pipe, tobacco, stainless steel glass, kafni, turban, satka… etc., are the assets of

Baba. He used to circle a long cloth around the head like the plait and allow it to hung back from the left ear. He would sit the entire a day on the gunny bag. He wears a long cloth. Igniting dhuni, he sits by facing towards south and keeping hand on katda – a stick. In that dhuni he would burn the sticks of arrogance, desire and thoughts. He used to forever say „God is the supreme authority?. When he was very happy he would tie an anklet to the ankle and gracefully dance.

Sri Sainathaya Namah.