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Today's Story

What is that sweeter word then Sai?

“Sri Krishna – explained in „Bhagavad-Gita? how one should lead life Sri Sai demonstrated by living that ideal life”.

Here is the proof for it.

Rishi – the seers created „Vedas? using their power of penance

In due course they had taken the essence out and made „Upanishads? since very few were able to understand Vedas.

They wrote “Brahma Sutras” for making everyone understand them by simplifying. After that Sri Krishna conveyed Arjuna wisdom in the battle field.

That is “Bhagvadgeeta”

But, People in the present times have no time or patience to imbibe the core message of Geeta.

Thus, Sri Sai exhorted the summary of all those above great books in an easy to grasp manner with simplest words.

Sri Sainathaya Namah.