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Won?t the fire burn on touching it!

All days will not be similar. It is a mistake whether done knowingly or even unknowingly! Wont the fire burn on touching it? One must receive due punishment for the sins!

Sapatnekar started practicing at bar in Akkalkot. He earned a lot. In the mean time the tide of trouble came in the cool, peaceful life. In 1913 the only son of Sapatnekar died due to some disease of throat. Sapatnekar couple was extremely shocked and disturbed. They lost peace of mind. They met several great souls. They moved around many holy shrines. But their minds didn?t become calm and cool.

On one occasion Sapatnekar suddenly remember Shewade. He remembered the unflinching loyalty, firm faith Shewade had on Baba and his pass in legal exams by that belief. Immediately Sapatnekar along with his brother Pandita Rao, went to Shirdi to have darshan of Baba. He broke a coconut and prostrated before Baba?s feet. Baba asked him to go out. With the help of devotees there Sapatnekar tried his best level to pacify Baba.

Even this time his effort was unsuccessful. Baba commanded him “leave the Masjid and go out”. Sapatnekar returned to his place, as he had no other option. He thought that since he abused Baba while he was studying now Baba did like that.

Indeed Baba had no special interest on any one. He used to love every one. Baba never hated any one. He used to accept everything alike, whether they worshipped or abused. However he would subject others to tests in order to bring a psychological change in them.

A year passed thus. Sapatnekar couple didn?t get the disturbed minds become cool. They developed dislike on life. They thought, “let us go to Kashi and spend the rest of life there.” Sapatnekar?s wife had a dream two days before their journey to Kashi. She was going to the well with an empty pot. A Fakir sitting there, underneath a neem tree told her “why do you bear such labour, mother? Give that pot to me. I

Sri Sainathaya Namah.