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Today's Story

His angry shouts are to drive out sins!

There would be no relation between the words and deeds of great saints. No one can imagine what they would do in which our. Sri Sai would some times used to abuse or show anger without reason. No one would understand as to why Baba did so. Later on it was proved to be a testimony that Baba was doing all that to drive out their sins and correct the mistakes.

One day a devotee called Chotu Bhai went to Shirdi. While going to

Masjid for the darshan of Baba She thought to her self “Today Baba will shout”.

She had the darshan of Baba. She again came for another darshan in the evening to Masjid. Even then Baba was calm and silent.

“Chotu! Today did I shout at any one in anger? I didn?t?!” Baba said.

Chotu Bhai understood the omniscient power of Baba. She felt guilt for thinking bad in the mind and prostrated before Baba.

Sri Sainathaya Namah.